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By Maria
February 3, 2018
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Turned Hitty Doll Blanks

Carving a Hitty can be so much fun!  I offer turned Hitty doll blanks for sale. All of my blanks are similar in size and shape, but since they are hand turned, they are not all exactly the same.

Here’s a Hitty that was carved from one of my turned Hitty Doll Blanks.


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Hitty Dress Sewing Tutorial

By Maria on July 18, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Tutorial © 2015 Maria Thompson All Rights Reserved I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and I also hope that you find it useful in learning how to sew a simple yet elegant dress for your Hitty. These dresses, although plain, can be made into elegant gowns with just a bit of lace and additional trim! […]

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Hitty Book Gifts

Hitty Cradle From The Book

By Maria on July 2, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Below I share the pattern that I designed to make the cradle from the book. I followed the illustration as best as I could, to create as close of a replica as I could make. This wonderful cradle does rock, and is balanced well so that it doesn’t topple to it’s side when a Hitty […]

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Hitty Picnic Table And Benches

By Maria on July 2, 2011 | Leave a Comment

These benches and table are super easy to make! All one needs is wood glue, wood, and a hand miter saw.

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